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Board Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics: Dr. Mary Burns is board certified by the American Board of Orthodontics, which gives her Diplomate status with the Board. To obtain this distinction, she first earned a dentistry degree and completed an advanced post-doctoral course (accredited by the American Dental Association) of at least two academic years in the specialty of orthodontics. After becoming an orthodontist, Dr. Burns then took the extra step of voluntarily completing an examination to become board certified. She passed a written examination and then presented a number of her orthodontic cases. After her evaluation, Dr. Burns became a Board Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, a status that is rarely achieved by only 25% of all American orthodontists.

Highly-Qualified Doctor: Dr. Burns is a Roth-trained Orthodontist and an OBI level III graduate, whom possesses the knowledge and ability that only a select few ever attain.

Wide Range of Services: Our services are not simply limited to comprehensive orthodontic treatment for adults and children. Dr. Burns also offers early childhood interceptive treatment, jaw orthopedics, cosmetic treatments and surgical orthodontics.

Thorough Initial Exam: We know that orthodontics is a big decision, so we want you to make that decision with as much information as possible. We offer comfortable, obligation-free consultation appointments that help you learn more about orthodontic treatment, as well as get a better idea what your or your child’s orthodontic needs might be.

Cutting-Edge Technology: We constantly strive for the best results for our patients, which also means we are dedicated to researching and employing the latest technology in the orthodontic field. Our technical advances provide multiple benefits for our patients, including faster, more accurate diagnoses, and faster, more comfortable treatment.

Centralized Location: Unlike some orthodontic practices, which have offices strewn out over several cities or even counties and states, we have one central location that we see our patients in. Our prime location gives you easy access to your orthodontic professionals whenever you need it – no hunting down doctors or staff across multiple offices!

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Mary E. Burns D.M.D.

  • Mary E. Burns D.M.D. - 123 W. Bridge St., Suite B, New Hope, PA 18938 Phone: 215-862-2275

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